Build the most beautiful Amsterdam canal houses, full of shops, cats, seagulls and tulips in this fun card game!

Grachtenpand┬áis a light hand drafting game for 2-4 players where you build an idyllic set of canal houses. You can building the houses using ‘bases’, ‘floors’ and ‘roofs’

Each turn, each player simultaneously chooses one card from their hand and builds it, using the rules detailed below.
After building their cards, each player passes the remaining three cards to the player on their left. After receiving a new hand of three cards from the player to their right, each player chooses a type of card (base, front, or roof) and draws one card of that type from the corresponding deck into their hand to refresh it to four cards.

amsterdam board game design season 1

This card game and 3 others from different designers will be part of a Kickstarter campaign coming in 2024; Amsterdam Board Game Design season 1.

Amsterdam Board Game Design is a group of international designers who test prototypes twice a month in Amsterdam and in Utrecht. Follow the ABGD Instagram for more information!



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