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We focus on two types of games. On the one hand we create big strategy games that will keep you are your friends busy for a full evening of gaming. We also design smaller experiences to play in between bigger gaming sessions, or just to play over and over again.

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Games are fun! So don’t take it too seriously, we certainly don’t. Our games are fun experiences and offer strategic choices for seasoned gamers and newer players alike.

Stellar Expedition

Explore a new part of the galaxy in your spaceship, recruit the best crew and go on dangerous expeditions!

Rise of the Wastelands

Return to the Wastelands, explore the ruined cities after a massive meteor impact and rebuild you society.

Time Zoo

The prehistoric animals escaped from the Time Zoo! It is up you to lure the animals back with their favourite food.


Bable is a challenging cooperative card game where no one speaks your language.


Build the most beautiful Amsterdam canal houses, full of shops, tulips and animals in this fun card game.

Pacific Rim Breachfall

Published by Just Entertainment, this game celebrates 10 years of the amazing Pacific Rim franchise.



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