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From game design to graphic design and illustrations, we offer the full package of creativity. Discover the two games we’ve already produced, with five more exciting projects currently in the works.

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Welcome to Wulfhorn Games, where we create fun and engaging games that bring people together. Explore our exciting titles such as Stellar Expedition, Rise of the Wastelands, and Time Zoo. Immerse yourself in thrilling adventures and unforgettable experiences. We are passionate about gaming and strive to deliver the highest quality entertainment. Contact us today to join the gaming revolution.

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Stellar Expedition

Explore a new part of the galaxy in your spaceship, recruit the best crew and go on dangerous expeditions!

Rise of the Wastelands

Return to the Wastelands, explore the ruined cities after a massive meteor impact and rebuild you society.

Time Zoo

The prehistoric animals escaped from the Time Zoo! It is up you to lure the animals back with their favourite food.


Bable is a challenging cooperative card game where no one speaks your language.


Build the most beautiful Amsterdam canal houses, full of shops, tulips and animals in this fun card game.

Pacific Rim Breachfall

Published by Just Entertainment, this game celebrates 10 years of the amazing Pacific Rim franchise.

stellar expedition

In Stellar Expedition you are exploring a new region of the galaxy. You will recruit new crew members from the friendly (and not so friendly) locals to complete various expeditions.

coming soon

Time Zoo

You landed your dream internship; working for professor Darwina Anning at the Time Zoo. The zoo filled with prehistoric animals is about to open when disaster strikes and all animals escape! It’s up to you to lure them back to the Time Zoo.

coming to kickstarter soon

rise of the wastelands

In the near future  a rain of meteors hit the Earth, changing the landscapecompletely and destroying almost all signs of civilization. A few years after the impact, the remaining survivors have started to gather in the ruins of cities where the effects of the meteors have been less severe to try to rebuild what is left and start a new society.

coming soon – designed for Just Entertainment

Pacific Rim: Breachfall

The game can be played with two to four players. One team sides with the Pan Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC) and can build mighty Jaegers. The other team plays as the alien Precursors who create the dangerous Kaiju who want nothing more than to destroy humanity.

Wulfhorn games

We are a small publisher from The Netherlands, founded by Ruud Nederpelt. We are always working on a new board games. 



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