design & development

Board game design and development is a creative and intricate process that blends artistry with strategy and fun! On this page you will find a behind the scenes look about the development of our games. Early prototypes, design sketches, concept art and other cool stuff. Our games are always tested with designers and gamers who attend the Amsterdam Board Game Design sessions and you can always find our prototypes at many convention in The Netherlands.

Creative process

It begins with a concept, often inspired by themes, mechanisms, and evolves through prototyping, playtesting, and iteration. Designers meticulously craft rules, components, and gameplay to ensure a balance between challenge and fun. Development involves refining the game’s mechanics, aesthetics, and components, often requiring collaboration between designers and publishers. It’s a journey of problem-solving, innovation, and player engagement, where every detail matters, ultimately aiming to deliver memorable and immersive gaming experiences that bring people together at the tabletop.

stellar expedition

This game was developed out of slight bit of disappointment.
Ruud, the designer, loves Star Trek, and loves board games. But in his opinion most Star Trek board game don’t really invoke the spirit of the series. In Stellar Expedition the focus is on exploration and not combat. The design changed a lot over the years as you can see in the images.

time zoo

At family gatherings we play many board- and card games. But sometimes the youngest get left behind because of complexity, or the adults of the group don’t enjoy playing more traditional kids games. Ruud wanted to make something in between. A game that we can all enjoy. Oh, and it has cool  dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals illustrated by Jason Gamber. What more can you want!

rise of the wastelands

Everything started when Jesús, the designer of the game, was playing Catan and thought “What a shame that I can’t attack the other players”. He decided that he could create a game where that was possible. The premise of the initial version of the game was a mix of Catan with Risk. But this idea quickly turned into so much more! The most challenging part of the whole designing process was to come up with the right goal and winning conditions for the game. He did not simple wanted to make ‘one of those victory condition games’. The game changed a lot during the development process, but the a core ideas stayed from the beginning: building and growing your cites and a map that can be discovered while playing.

Pacific rim: Breachfall

In 2023 we worked together with Just Entertainment to bring the Pacific Rim movies to life in the form of a strategic board game. We worked closely with Legendary Pictures to create the most authentic experience as possible. Wulfhorn Games worked on the concept, board game design and graphic design.

gate station 5

This game is set in the Stellar Expedition universe. We are going back through the space gate and are constructing a space station togheter which can be used as a jump off point for new stellar expeditions in the future. A simple quick tile connecting game, with a science fiction twist.


Come back soon for more information about this cooperative card game created by Bart de Jong.

The art for the game will be created by Ever After Print, follow them to see the amazing work that they do! 


Come back soon for more information about this canal house building card game created by Zach Hoekstra. When Zach first moved to the Netherlands, he was struck by the quiet beauty of the Amsterdam canal streets. The lovely asymmetry of the roofs combined with the little collections of things on display in nearly every window painted a picture of serene and joyful living. And so Zach set out to recreate that beauty in a little card game that lets you make a grachtenpand of your very own.



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