Rise of the Wastelands

Rise of the wastelands

In the near future  a rain of meteors hit the Earth, changing the landscapecompletely and destroying almost all signs of civilization. A few years after the impact, the remaining survivors have started to gather in the ruins of cities where the effects of the meteors have been less severe to try to rebuild what is left and start a new society.

Players lead one of the four factions with their own unique abilities. Starting from their capital, they will explore the dynamically generated board, discovering new areas and establishing outposts to recycle materials. With these newly generated resources, they can construct buildings and units, all while striving to upgrade their technology and gain a strategic advantage. This will allow players to accomplish the ever-changing achievements and let them spread their influence to rule over the other players.

Rise of the Wastelands is designed by Jesus Casasola Boyero, a Spanish board game designer living in Amsterdam. Wulfhorn Games will provide graphic design and run the Kickstarter coming in April 2024. Illustrations are created by Austria based Jens Lindfors, a talented artist who worked on new TTRPG Dreams and Machines by Modipius, as well as a concept artist for games such as Diablo and sereveral Netflix shows.

Players take control of one of the 4 factions (with their unique abilities) and on their turns they will be performing several actions. These actions are limited by the amount of action points they have on each turn. Actions allow players to explore (which will unveil slowly the map), build outposts or buildings, generate resources, research upgrades, etc.

The goal of the game (and the purpose of doing these actions) is to accomplish achievements, which will  allow players to spread their influence over the other players.

It is important to note that you need to always have an eye on the support you get from your own people, and that war among factions will likely happen.



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