Stellar Expedition

stellar expedition

In Stellar Expedition you are exploring a new region of the galaxy. You will recruit new crew members from the friendly (and not so friendly) locals to complete various expeditions.

One of the many space gates left behind by the ancient aliens only know as the ‘Nameless’, recently activated. The smartest scientific minds in the galaxy have come to the conclusion that once you enter the gate, you only have a limited amount of time before it shuts down again.

Each of you will take up missions to gain Expedition points and win the most prestige with your superiors back home. But you won’t be able to complete the missions on your own. Once through the gate, you will have to befriend the locals and assemble the best crew to overcome the dangers of this unexplored part of space.

Explore, recruit crew members, build embassies, acquire resources and go back through the gate before is closes again.

The game is played over 8 different rounds who ever brings home the most Expedition points at the end will win this space race!

how to play

The amazing Shea Parker created a very short and complete how to play video for Stellar Expedition.



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